• Certifications On File
     Please note that depending on your level of involvement, you will still need board approval, superintendent approval or principal approval.  
    The dates listed show when clearances expire.  Tuberculosis requirements are due annually.  Please check with the school if your name is not listed and we will inform you of  the items that need updated.
    Date Due -                           Last Name -          First Name
    10/19/2025      Aldinger Jason
    5/21/2016      Bako John
    9/23/2025     Blubaugh Mathew
    2/16/2026     Daniels Jeff
    7/9/2025     Lapp Jennifer
    3/15/2021     Mason Rebecca
    9/30/2025     Robertson Lindsey
    8/1/2014     Walker Keith
    3/8/2025     Wlison E'vet
    11/11/2025     Whitfield Riley
    4/4/2022     Burkholder Amy
    4/4/2022      Boyce


    9/29/2025      Decker Celeste
    9/11/2025     Donaldson Tori
    3/17/2026      Hoover Justin
    8/2/2025     Vought Jennifer
    10/5/2026      Adriance April
    6/9/2026      Smith Larry