• No matter the age of your child, it is never too early (or too late!) to start planning for college, trade schools, or a career. As our society continues to change, it is difficult for parents and students to stay up-to-date on different careers that exist. Also, as our students mature, their interests change and it is sometimes difficult to decide if they want to attend college, and if so, what it is they wish to study. Below is a list of helpful resources that will aid parents and students in their college and career planning.

    career planning




    Education Planner


    Education Planner is one of the highest recommended resources for parents and students. The site allows students to explore potential careers and search for a college they best suits their own needs and goals. In addition, parents can learn more about financial aid, grants, and scholarships. Parents can also gain a better understanding of the “college process” and what to expect when it is time for their child to move to that next chapter in life.


    Mapping Your Future


    Mapping Your Future is beneficial to a hybrid of individuals. The website is targeted to middle and high school students, undergraduate students as well as graduate students. The site allows students to explore career options, prepare for college admissions, and, most importantly, provides information on money management for college students. Students can also participate in the “Show Me the Future” game that shows where your money goes when working in the “real world” (e.g., taxes, rent, utilities, repairs, insurance, etc.).

Last Modified on February 26, 2013