• Bowling Fall 2018

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 9/24/2018

    A few photos from our Fall 2018 bowling field trip.

    Colin Bowling CAlen Ka CS DJ Nick Group

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  • Maple Festival

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 3/22/2017

    K G

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  • GI DAY Room and Post Office

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 11/17/2015

    The students paid a visit to the GI Day Room this past Friday. Below you can see picture of the group after they ordered their meal. The student also went to the post office to send their thanksgiving cards home. Parents, you have some vary thankful kids! Overall, it was a great visit in town with some wonderful community based learning.



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  • Bowling at Terrance Lanes

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 10/20/2015

    This past Friday the classroom went bowling using some of their hard earned Java Wagon money. It was a fun time that provided us some smiles, high fives and of course learning experiences. Below you see pictures of the group in action and also our final scores for the last game.

    k j g

    a a a a

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  • Tentative Field Trip List

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 10/20/2015

    November 13th post office and GI Day room 

    December 4th- Christmas shopping at Walmart in Somerset 

    December 11th- Christmas party Sctc 

    January 29th- movies and lunch in Lavale MD 

    February ??- seven springs, packed lunches, the special Olympics will be there that month

    March ??- Trip to the workshop in Somerset, to take a tour of the facilities. Best Way Pizza for lunch  

    April 22nd- Visting a local green house and then Shopping at Wal-Mart for seeds and soil- Packed Lunches

    May 13th Scavenger Hunt New Germany State Park

    May- Yough Day to be announced


    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. McIver!

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  • Shopping in Food Lion

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 10/20/2015

    Below are a few pictures from our weekly shopping field trips. The students have been making healthy recipes all year long that include entres, side dishes and desserts. The photos below show several students looking for ingredients to include in the Orange Chicken recipe. Look for more pictures from our shopping trips and kitchen experiences in the upcoming weeks.

    Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping

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  • October 2015 Field Trips

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 10/5/2015

    Our First field trips of the year will be October 16th and 30th of this month. Below you will find our destenations, the times we will be leaving the school and the trips that will require money.

    • October 16th- We will bowling at Terrance Lanes in Somerset. For lunch the Students will be eating at Pizza Hut. No money will be required for this trip. Estimated Leave Time 8:30am/ Estimated Arrival Time back at School 1:30.
    • October 30th- The students will eat lunch at the G.I. Day Room and drop off letters at the Post Office. Studnets should bring 10$ for lunch and postage.
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  • The Bowler

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 10/20/2014 1:00:00 AM
    The Student at the "Bowler" in Cumberland. We had a great time during our first field trip for the School Year. Our next field trip will be to the GI Day Room on October 24th, 2014.
    Bowler 1 Bowler 2 Bowler 3 Bowler 4 Bowler 5 Bowler 6 Bowler 7  
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  • Track and Baseball Field

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 4/24/2014
    The kids visited the Track and Baseball field on Monday. They enjoyed the warm April afternoon! Below are links to pictures from the outing:)
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  • Grocery Store

    Posted by Brandon McIver on 4/11/2014
    The student's had practiced prior to this trip asking for things they couldn't find and checking out at register. Well, this week the class was presented the opportunity to practice these skills as we visited the grocery store twice. The first trip was to see the layout of Food lion, finding all the items on our shopping list and seeing how the store was divided into separate sections. Finally on Friday the students were given back their list of items, some spending money and then revisited food lion to make their purchases. I'm happy to say the students found all of their items, remembering where they were located and selecting the correct amount of the item needed. It was a great trip, which all of the students benefited from! The food we purchased will be used for the Raider Java Wagon on Wednesday.
    Tune into the Java Wagon blog next week to see the class making deliveries :)
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