Beliefs (Shared Values)

    We believe each student
    • can strive for excellence and be successful given enough time and resources.
    • is unique in abilities, interests, needs, and goals.
    • should become an ethical decision-maker.
    • needs a variety of educational opportunities that promote and enhance
    lifelong learning.

    We believe learning
    • is promoted by a nurturing and stimulating environment.
    • is an interactive process in which each student must be engaged.
    • is enhanced by access to technology.
    • must be defined, measured and recognized in a variety of ways.
    • is enhanced by respectful, positive, and collaborative relationships. 

    We believe educators
    • promote learning through relationships, engagement, and assessment.
    • benefit from continuing professional development.
    • grow professionally from opportunities for collaboration with peers.

    We believe effective schools
    • are safe, secure and healthy environments in which students can learn.
    • actively recognize, understand, and appreciate diversity.
    • actively engage the community in the educational process.
    • are accountable and add value to the community.
    • provide resources to support adequate learning activities to implement vital educational opportunities including ethics
      and citizenship.
    • anticipate and adapt to changes within the local, national, and global  context.
    • strive for excellence in the arenas of academics, arts and athletics.
    • create responsible world citizens through shared civic responsibility at all 
    • provide an environment that allows students to become problem solvers and 
    critical thinkers.


Last Modified on January 7, 2015