• Evaluation


    How do I request a gifted evaluation for my child?Lightbulb with school icons

    • To request a gifted evaluation, contact the school Guidance Counselor, your child's teacher, school building principal, or Special Education Office and put your request for a Gifted Evaluation in writing.
    • The Special Education Coordinator will send you a letter to request your written permission to evaluate your child.
    • The Special Education Coordinator will distribute an information sheet to classroom teachers requesting their input about the child.
    • The School Psychologist will complete the evaluation based on the specified criteria.
    • Contact will be made to discuss the eligibility findings.
    • If necessary, a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) meeting will be scheduled.


    Student Re-Locations

    • When a student moves into the Meyersdale Area School District from a sending school district in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the District will implement the existing GIEP to the extent possible and/or will provide the services and programs as specified in the interim GIEP agreed to by the parents until a new GIEP is developed and implemented.



    • A gifted student shall be re-evaluated before a change in educational placement is recommended for the student.
    • A gifted learner may be re-evaluated at any time by the recommendation of the GIEP team.
    • Re-evaluations must include a review of the student's GIEP, a determination of which instructional activities have been successful, and recommendations for the revision of the GIEP.
    • Re-evaluations are not required on a specific timeline for a gifted learner, but are completed based on the specific needs of the learner.
    • Re-evaluations, if completed, will be done within 60 calendar days, excluding summer vacation.


    Independent Evaluations

    • Parents, at their own expense, may obtain an independent evaluation by a certified school psychologist.
    • The Meyersdale Area School District is required to consider this information when making decisions regarding student identification.