• Initial Identification and Placement


    Entry Criteria 

    • The target population for the English Language Development program is defined in terms of each student's competency level in English.


    • Any student who is classified within levels 1-4, as outlined in the WIDA Can-do Descriptors, should be provided English as a Second Language.


    Registration and Identification  

    • Meyersdale Area School District's student registration is conducted through a central registration process.


    • All registering students (including ELs) must present immunization records, complete the Home Language Survey, and provide proof of residency within the Meyersdale Area School District.


    • In accordance with state and federal laws, no English Learner will be subject to scrutiny that is not part of the normal enrollment process.


    • No student shall be denied access to school for any period of time while verifying information as a condition for enrollment and may not be denied enrollment as a result.
    *Note: Students are not required to provide Social Security numbers or immigration status information as a condition for enrollment and may not be denied enrollment as a result.
    • Individuals answering any question of the Home Language Survey with a response of a language other than or in addition to English will result in the student being given a formal English language proficiency screening assessment provided by one of the district's ELD teachers to determine if ELD placement and instruction is needed.

    Screening Assessment and ESL Placement 

    • A student identified as a PHLOTE (Primary Home Language other than English) will be evaluated by an ELD Specialist using the W-APT Test (Grades K-12) and WIDA Screener to determine ELD instructional level placement. 
    • ELD students shall be placed in a grade level that is appropriate according to the educational experience and their age. Any deviation from an age-appropriate placement shall be based on factors other than proficiency in the English language. 


    • The English Language Coordinator or designee will notify parents of their child's participation in the ELD program. Progress is monitored on an on-going basis to assess students' current instructional needs.