• Substitute Teachers


    Substitute teacher applicants must have earned a Bachelor's degree in order to be eligible to substitute.



    The Meyersdale Area School District is searching for substitute teachers for all grades and subjects, K-12. Interested applicants must submit the following materials:


    •   Letter of interest and resume 

                       (Directions for Completing Act 168 Form)

    •    Official Transcripts - Copies of college transcripts showing proof of a Bachelor’s degree or higher 
                      (transcripts must be delivered in a sealed envelope with your university’s stamp)         
    •    Teaching Certificate - Copy of Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate
                      Applicants who DO NOT have a current PA teaching certificate must apply for an 
                      emergency certificate through the Pennsylvania Department of Education TIMS system -
                 (Teacher Information Management System). Individuals will not be eligible to substitute until this requirement is met.
    •  Go to www.education.pa.gov
    • Access TIMS
    • Register as new user - create PPID
    • Complete Emergency Permit Application
    • Skip Page 2
    • Complete pages 3, 4 & 5. (be sure to add new affiliation and select Meyersdale as your LEA)
    • Submit

    •   STEDI Course
                    In addition to the required clearances and paperwork, ALL substitute teacher applicants are required to complete
                an online Substitute Teacher Training Program regardless of certification. This program was designed by Utah State
                University Substitute Teaching Institute and can be accessed through STEDI.org. The training covers the content
                areas of classroom management, teaching strategies, planning, and other instructional skills and procedures. 
                At  the completion of the training, applicants will complete an assessment in which they must receive a score of 85%
                or higher. MASD will not allow you to substitute if a lower score is received.  Upon completion of the assessments,
                applicants will print a certificate of completion and turn it in to the district along with other required documents.


    SubSkills Online Training Course

                    Purchase the SubSkills Online Training Course $39.95.
                         From the dropdown menu, select “Pennsylvania” and then “Meyersdale Area School District”
              Select either “Basic Option A” or "Basic Option B." Option A is entirely online while
                         Option B provides an actual textbook instead of an e-book. 
                         Register your account and purchase the training program


    After the district has received all paperwork, candidates must then contact Shannon Brant at sbrant@masd.net  or 814-634-5123, ext. 306 to schedule an interview with Dr. Tracey Karlie, Superintendent, and be approved by the Board of School Directors.  Employment will not commence until all paperwork has been received by the district.


    Please mail documents to:


    Meyersdale Area School District

    Attn: Shannon Brant

    309 Industrial Park Road

    Meyersdale, PA 15552