• Number of Students in Class:
    21 Students
    -12 girls
    -9 boys
    Food Allergies In The Room:
    Milk Allergy
    Sugar Allergy
    Tree Nut Allergy
    Coconut Allergy
    Shellfish Allergy
    Peach Allergy
    Egg Allergy 
    Strawberry Allergy 
    Items Needed:
    -Hand Sanitizer  
    Frequently Asked Questions.
    1. May I send in a birthday treat?

    Birthdays will be celebrated in the homeroom class on a monthly basis, the first school day of each month. Summer birthdays will be celebrated on the last full day of the school year.

    Families wishing to send a birthday treat to school are asked to contact the homeroom teacher prior to the first school day of your child’s birthday month. MAES promotes healthy eating habits and requests that treats that are sent in support healthy eating styles. Washed, prepared and individually packaged fruits and vegetables are a great treat, as well as water, fruit juice and milk. Pudding cups or granola bars are some additional ideas. Non-food treats such as pencils, tablets, crayons, stickers, etc. are also welcome. Items such as soda, cupcakes, potato chips and candy are not permitted.

    Celebrations will occur after lunch, with recognition of the birthday(s) being the focus.

    2. How can I reach you?
    The best way to reach me during the day is by emailing me dpritts@masd.net. You may also call the office and leave me a message or send a note with your child.
    3. Snow Days and 2 Hour Delays-
    It is my policy if we have a snow day or have a two hour delay we will continue with our normal schedule. I will make adjustments and combine lessons where needed.  If, for some reason, we would miss multiple days in a row I will inform you at that time how the new schedule will look. 
    4. What happens if I am absent and return for test day or after test day?
    Students are required to be ready to take all tests the day they return to school. Teacher discretion can be used if there are extenuating circumstances.