The process to submit for approval to begin a home school program is outlined below.



    To get you started with all regulations related to designing and implementing your own home education program you should begin by becoming familiar with the Home Education Program - Basic Education Circular (BEC). While the entire content reflected in this BEC is important to you, there are a few points I would like to highlight:

      A Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide can be found on PDE's webpage at the link following link.  Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide

     Effected 2020-2021 students that turn 6 on or before September 1 must register for school.  Click on link for more information Compulsory School Age and Pennsylvania’s Truancy Laws

    ·         Annually between July 1 and August 1 the supervisor (of a home education program) must submit a notarized affidavit to the Superindentent of (Meyersdale Area School District).





    In addition to the notarized affidavit, the parent or guardian must attach:


    ·         Educational objectives for the subjects to be taught.


    §  The best place to begin considerations for this list is at PDE's Home Education Page As mentioned on this page, the best place to look to begin to get specific on these objectives is the Chapter 4 Appendices (scroll down on the page until you begin to see the appendices listed).


    §  You could also utilize the PA Department of Education's list of approved standards as a resource to guide you as you develop your child's specific program of study. These standards can be searched by grade level and/or course at: pdesas.org .


    §  An example of the type of objective the district requires is as follows:


    o   Math: Student (name) will apply grade appropriate mathematics skills through cooking, travel and other application type activities.


    o   Social Studies: Student (name) will develop an understanding how the branches of government function.


    o   Reading: Student (name) will develop the ability to read, interpret and analyze grade appropriate nonfiction text.


    §  Please refer to the suggested template by clicking here.


    ·         Evidence that the child(ren) have been immunized as required by School Code Sec. 1303(a)

                Complete upon entrance into program and again at the Grade 7 and Grade 12 level.


    ·         Evidence that the child(ren) have received medical services required for students of the child’s age or grade level.


    §  **If students are exempt from these requirements base on religious beliefs, notification must be provided in writing to the school district.



    ·         The Pennsylvania School Code states that the portfolio for home education students in grades 3, 5, and 8 must include the results of the statewide tests for reading/language arts and mathematics or nationally normed standardized achievement tests.


    §  Refer back to BEC for copy of approved tests


    You must carefully select and hire a Home Education Evaluator  who will work as your partner to certify that the education you've provided is appropriate as outlined in the Public School Code - Home Education Program. Keep in mind and carefully evaluate and retain proof that your evaluator meets with all of the requirements outlined on these pages. The two most frequently missed points are:

    ·         The new official verification of credentials/certification for certified teachers.


    ·         The requirements of teaching experience