• Talking to your children about drugs and alcohol can be a scary thing. But, these talks are essential in keeping our students on the right track in the life. Every child will experience peer pressure throughout the course of his/her life with the greatest amount of pressure occurring during the elementary, middle and high school years. Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate. They do not target the “bad” kids. ALL kids are affected and, at some point, will be exposed to drugs and alcohol.


    It is important that the school, parents/guardians and members of our community work together to bring awareness to drugs and alcohol among our students. This is a rising problem not only in our own county but across the country, and talking openly with our students about the effects of drugs and alcohol is just the first step in fighting this rapidly growing problem.

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    Provided below are resources for parents/guardians and community members to use to aid in those difficult conversations related to drugs and alcohol. Assistance is also available from our school district. Parents/guardians can contact the district at 814-634-5123 for helping in addressing issues related to drugs and alcohol.



    Family Support Group

    This group is for family members and loved ones of individuals struggling with Substance Abuse. This group is free and fully confidential to those in need of their very own support. Group members can achieve a new sense of hope for their loved ones, along with building their very own support system while finding health for themselves.

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    Prescription Drug PA MedReturn Box

    Don’t let unwanted or expired medicines add to the startling statistics. If you have prescriptions or over-the-counter and other unused medicines, PA MedReturn drop boxes are a safe, effective and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of them.



    Courage to Speak, Inc.


    The Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc. is an organization created by parents who lost their son to a drug overdose. This website discusses prevention methods, provides recommendations for programs and services, and even provides a FREE parenting course to help you address drug and alcohol problems that may be affecting your own family.



    Informed Families is affiliated with the National Family Partnership and provides education, training and a support center for parents, schools and communities. The organization focuses on prevention by educating our students starting at a young age as well as educating our parents and communities.


    Get Smart About Drugs


    Get Smart About Drugs is a valuable resource for parents sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This website provides education on how to identify if your child is using drugs by noticing specific behaviors. In additions, the website focuses not only on illegal drugs such as marijuana or heroin but prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well. The website is continually updated with new information regarding the many changes taking place with drugs and alcohol.


    Not My Kid


    Adamant that your child will not become a user of drugs and alcohol? Not My Kid will help you to keep your child on the right path. Focusing on prevention through education, the organization works primarily middle and high school age students to increase awareness. This website also provides resources for talking with kids about drugs and alcohol, bullying, depression, eating disorders and other issues that affect young students.


    The Partnership at DrugFree.org


    DrugFree.org provides resources and assistance on all areas related to drugs and alcohol – prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. This website walks you through all the steps in each category to ensure that your child is successful in abstaining from drugs and alcohol regardless if they are a former user or not.

    Project Know

    ProjectKnow provides information to help parents and guardians understand different types of addiction including alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Information is also provided to help understand different behavioral health addictions such as porn, gambling, food, gaming, shopping, etc. ProjectKnow also provides additional resources for parents and guardians as well as treatment recommendations.



    Pact360 is a community education resources that provides parents, counselors, treatment specialists, and law enforcement professionals with free training on how to address issues of prescription medicine abuse. The site provides free videos with discussion guides and supporting documents to help stop this growing problem.


    Twin Lakes Center

    Twin Lakes Center is a local treatment facility located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Twin Lakes Center provides many services for individuals need drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


    Additional Drug & Alcohol Resources

    The Dart Tool

    The online DART Tool helps people identify drug and alcohol services and supports for themselves or a loved one based on your responses to questions. The DART tool provides resources based on a person's age, county of residence, and veteran status. A list of resources is also provided if a person is experiencing homelessness, has issues with transportation to treatment or has legal concerns, as well as programs that may be available depending on a person's income. The tool does not evaluate eligibility for resources provided but refers users to how they can obtain information or assess their eligibility. 

    Be Vape Free


    Somerset Single County Authority

    For evaluations and recommendations for treatment, as well as prevention and education services for addictions for the addict and the family.


     Somerset SCA DA
Last Modified on February 4, 2021