The Annual Meyersdale Alumni Banquet is tradition at Meyersdale Area School District. The dinner is held each year in the school cafeteria over Memorial Day weekend and welcomes graduating classes in five year increments. Classes are notified about the banquet and their reunion through an elected class representative (usually the class president).


    How It Works:


    Ø  The President of the class celebrating their 15th year reunion is automatically named the President of the Alumni Association for that year.


    o   This individual should contact the school in January for a list of responsibilities related to the annual banquet.


    Ø  A representative from each graduating class (usually the class president) is responsible for contacting their classmates and informing them of the banquet and reunion.


    Ø  When all information pertaining to the upcoming banquet is available, the Alumni Association will run an ad in the New Republic newspaper and the district will place an announcement on their website.


    Ø  Class representatives will need to contact either the Alumni President or the district to receive an electronic copy of the banquet invitation.


    Ø  Class representatives will customize the banquet invitation to include specific information regarding their particular class and reunion.


    Ø  The class representatives are responsible for sending invitations out to their classmates.


    Ø  Class representatives must turn in all money for banquet fees, alumni dues, and the scholarship fund to the school district by the date specified.


    Ø  Classes have the option to have a class photo taken by either Beitzel Photography or Sines Studio for a minimal cost.










Last Modified on December 22, 2010