Mrs. Rene' Hay 

    K - 12  Speech Language Therapist

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    Email: hayr@masd.net

    Phone: 634-8311 (ext. 401) 



    Office hours:  I will be at or near my computer during the times listed below, so I will be able to reply to you quickly.  You can contact me at other times also, but I may not receive the messages until a later time.


    Monday  June 1... HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!



    During these times you can call / text or email me:

    c    Call / text:  814-659-8276. 

    e   CLICK HERE to email Mrs. Hay 


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    talk  Speech Teletherapy

    Any families who are interested in virtual TELETHERAPY with me during our time off need to contact me via email.  I would be happy to discuss options for your child.
    These are surely changing times.  Nonetheless we can continue to work together as a team to help your child achieve his or her highest speech and language potential.  




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    Go to Google.com

    Hit LOGIN in the upper right corner.

    Enter your school login (ex: last name-first initial-middle initial@masd.net)

                 If i were a student, my name being Rene Ann Hay, mine

                 would be hayra@masd.net.

    Then click the 9 dot waffle in the top right corner.

    Click on 'classroom'.

    You will see a prompt to 'join speech therapy'.

    If there is no prompt, email me so I can add you.

    On here I will post daily assignments to continue your speech and language development.

    Have a parent help you type in your answers if need be.


    Google Classroom Directions 


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    Continuity of Education: 

    K-5 Students and MS/HS students with folders can continue to work i
    in their speech folders reviewing January - March packets.
    Keep in mind the target skills box in the upper right corner of the March packet.  This lists the skills your child needs to be reviewing right now.  
    Email me to receive new worksheets or for more practice ideas. I will do my best to send items specific to your child.