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     Mrs. Kristi Jo Sines
    Grade/Subject Level:
    6th grade Social Studies (Civics and Government)
    7th grade Geography
    Email: sinesk@masd.net 
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    Since we are using remote learning, I am using Google Classroom as a way to reach out and provide some enrichment/review activities for students. These activities are in no way shape or form graded but will provide some extension during this time that we are away from school.
    Most students have already signed up for Google classroom as we have used it in class. For those students who ARE SIGNED UP here are some basic directions and reminders.
    1) classroom.google.com
    2) From here you should see a screen that says 6th grade Civics. This is your class page.
    3) Any questions please e-mail me at sinesk@Masd.net
    For those students who HAVE NOT joined, here are a few basic steps to help you.
    1) Type in classroom.google.com
    2) In the top right hand corner of your screen there were be a plus sign, click on the plus sign. It will say join a class.
    3) Please select your appropriate class. There are different class codes for each class. Please look carefully at the list below. 
    1st period Grade 6 Civics - cuddb72
    3rd period Grade 7 Geography - pegygfk
    4th period Grade 7 Geography - cwqr2ab
    7th period Grade 6 Civics -  fxvsdz7
    9th period Grade 6 Civics - 5q2mknk
    4) Once the code is entered, you have joined the class.
    5) Any questions please e-mail me at sinesk@masd.net
    Mrs. Sines is a 2003 proud graduate of Meyersdale Area High School. She attended Shippensburg University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Social Studies Education in 2007. Mrs. Sines is currently in her 13th year of teaching. Mrs. Sines graduated from Frostburg State University in 2016 with a Masterś Degree in Special Education. Mrs. Sines will be teaching 6th grade Government and 7th grade Geography.