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3rd grade creates their own restaurants

Third grade students in the Meyersdale Area Elementary  recently spent several weeks planning and implementing business plans for their very own restaurants! To celebrate this effort, they coordinated a “Grand Opening” for their respective businesses, inviting members of the public (school staff) to come visit their establishments.


Just as in “real life,” students faced the challenges small business owners tackle each day and learned skills and techniques to solve problems and most effectively operate their business.


Program coordinator and Elementary Guidance Counselor Joey Emerick said this program not only meets the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s standards for workforce development, it also  provides a curriculum that students can relate to and implement in their own lives and future careers. These lessons meet the entrepreneurship strand of the PA Career Education and Work Standards.  PDE is placing more of a focus on these standards, as a way to assure that students graduate from high school with the skills they need to further their education and/or be successful in the workforce.


“The class is ‘social skills’ and is  part of their specials rotation. The goal of the project was for students to learn how to work in groups to create a mock restaurant that earned the most money,” Emerick explained. “There was a manager, marketer, accountant, and chef in each group.”


Customers spent more "money" at the restaurants with clever advertising, neat, correctly-spelled menus, reasonable prices, and where employees were working well together. The “restaurant” with the most business was declared the winner of the challenge.


"Farm House Foods" was the top earner in Mrs. Luster’s class. Created by Candice Murray, Taylor Pritts, Ella Deal and Carson Sutton created an innovative restaurant with a diverse menu that included interactive events and a fund drive for charity.  


Emerick said all of the students worked hard and learned a great deal about the effort required to create and operate a restaurant. She applauded their efforts and innovation.