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Students "shake-up" Science classes

For more than seven years, the seventh grade classes at Meyersdale Middle School have been learning about the effects and science of earthquakes. To further reinforce these skills, Mr. Josh Bolden and Mr. Dave Blaney have assigned students a unique task - build a three-story house that could withstand the effects of an earthquake with simulated magnitudes of 3.4, 5.8 and 7.9.  A total of 13 teams successfully built structures that remained standing after being subjected to the “shake table.” Construction materials included two sizes of popsicle sticks, wood glue and Elmer’s glue. A shake-off was then held with greater magnitude and eventual destruction! Bolden and Blaney then selected two teams who best completed the challenge following the strict guidelines and implemented building techniques that were effective in creating a stable “earthquake house.”Blaney selected construction by Bryson Hetz, Kyle Smith, Kyley Emerick and Gracie Paulman as his top winners; and Bolden selected a structure built by Izabella Donaldson, Abby Wahl and Jared Geiger as his top winner. All teams did a great job and deserve commended for their ingenuity and teamwork.


Mr. Bolden's winning class


"Shaking-up" Science classes!