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Math 24 winners

Students in both the Meyersdale Elementary and Middle school competed in two days of mathematical madness in the final days of the 2018-2019 school year.


Sponsored by the Math Department, students competed in the annual Math 24 Tournament.

Middle School held their competition May 29 and Elementary held their May 31. Math 24 is a learning game that teaches students the relationship between numbers. Students are presented with cards with four single-digit numbers. Students must add, subtract, multiply and/or divide to reach the answer and explain the process they used to reach “24.” The primary grades play simpler versions of the game which allow them to hit target numbers other than 24. Some levels require only addition and subtraction. The top four finishers in each grade level received a prize for their efforts.


Mrs. Diane Caton has been working with the Math 24 program for six years and was pleased to see the competition return to the middle school and excited to have it held for elementary students for the first time this year. Mrs. Jennifer Sines organized the elementary competition.


“This is the second year that we have done the competition within the middle school and it is the first year for the elementary competition.  In the past we have taken students to a regional competition at IU8 but we felt the program could benefit many more students by hosting an in house competition,” Caton explained. “Math 24 is an awesome way for students to practice basic math facts.  They must manipulate the numbers using multiple operations which helps with fact retention and fluency in math.  It also helps students to develop number sense.”


Elementary students enjoyed the the first Math 24 tournament and found themselves caught up in the competition, eager to implement the skills they learned in the past year.


“Math 24 is a fun way for students to practice fact fluency and build some number sense,” added Sines.


Not only did students compete in the event, Caton also utilized students as proctors to help keep the competition flowing smoothly. The competition was fierce as the students broke into groups of four. After three rounds, students who achieved the most points moved forward to the finals.


“The students enjoy the game because it is a way to show off their skills. Students enjoy competing at something different than a sport.  Different students often excel in this competition as it required academic skills rather than athletic skills. The students also appreciate missing regular classes to have the competition,” Caton explained.


She chooses to hold the competition at the end of the school year to encourage students to continue to learn and practice the skills they learned over the past year as they prepare for summer vacation.


“My hope it that students make a decision to pick up the deck of Math 24 cards simply because they want to get better at math. At the middle school level, I would love to see more students involved in the middle school Math 24 club in 7th and 8th grades.  Using math is the best way to learn and retain math,” Caton concluded.


Top winners in the Meyersdale Middle School included (first photo) : Laura Boyce, eighth grade, a  back-to-back grade level winner; Kenna McClure, seventh grade; and Hope Canfield, sixth grade.


The top winners in the MAES Math 24 Tournament included: (back row, from left) Trinity Hoover, fifth grade; Austin Oester, fourth grade; and Levi Stewart, third grade; and (front row) Lillian Eyer, first grade; and Gabriel Haer, kindergarten. Christian Beal, the second grade winner, was absent for the photo.

MAES Math 24 winners!