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Kindergarten enjoys "Apple Day"

The Fall season is upon us and Kindergarten students at Meyersdale Area Elementary School recently spent a day celebrating one of Fall’s harvests - the apple! Students in Mrs. Janine Sechler and Miss Tina Zeglin’s classes  learned about the different parts of an apple; about the life of Johnny Appleseed; the cycle of an apple tree; and how to build a tree that can withstand the weather and other factors. But, one of the favorite aspects of this unit was the taste testing! Students were able to sample apple pie, apple juice, apples with caramel and applesauce. Students also participated in an activity allowing them to try different types of apples and vote for their favosite. The Granny Smith variety was a clear favorite Kolton Sanner and Avery Collier are seen in the photo above displaying their painted cheeks featuring apples of course! Kip Stiles, Jacob Diehl, Abby Lepley and Iden Weimer are seen below sampling different varieties of apples.


Apple sampling