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Students explore new career pathway

MEYERSDALE - Eighth grade Science students at Meyersdale Middle School welcomed a special guest on November 19 to discuss career and education options. 

Mr. Jadon Cramer, a Machine Technology instructor from Somerset County Technology Center, came to provide students some background on the art of machining. 

By definition, a machinist as a tradesperson  who uses hand tools and machine tools to create or modify a part that is made of metal, plastics, or wood.

To highlight the dramatic impact this career has on our world, Cramer challenged students to find one thing in their classroom that was not created by a machinist, aside from the humans and the fish in an aquarium.

Cramer explained how every piece of equipment, from the smallest grate to the projector, could not have been made without a machinist to create the parts. 

We {machinists} do not create anything you find on the PeriodicTable but we do work on things that keep us alive. Everything we use has been created by a machinist.”

Cramer said his goals with the presentations were to provide students with information on the career path, while identifying the possibilities and opportunities afforded to students at the Somerset CountyTechnology Center. 

“The decisions you make now, set up your future. Please choose wisely,” he concluded.