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MAES students enjoy a "taste" of new books

MEYERSDALE - So many books, so little time! The Meyersdale Area Elementary School library has thousands of books, and to help students find a new favorite author or title, the library as recently transformed into a cafe - the Starbooks Cafe’!

“We have so many new books this year and I was looking for a way to introduce these new titles to our kids, so we created a cafe where kids could “sample” the new titles,” explained Elementary Media Center Specialist Stacy Kucenic. 

Complete with a menu, green tablecloths and coffee cups, the library took on a new, yet familiar, look as the Starbooks Cafe’. Each table was set up with placemats and a stack of new titles for the children to look over during their library time. They were also given lists to joy down books they would like to check out and a raffle ticket to “win” the first chance to check out a book of their choice.

“The kids really liked being exposed to new books that just came in and new authors they were not as familiar with or overlooked in the past,” Kucenic said. “They were really excited and I think they really enjoyed the atmosphere.” 

Seeing these new titles have made selecting a book an easier process for most,. As the students know exactly what they are looking for and where to find it on the shelves.

Kuecnic is far too modest to truly admit just how much time and energy she spent transforming the library into a cafe’ but the excitement of the children and their eagerness to check out books was undeniable. She said students are already asking if she plans to make the “Starbooks Cafe’” a regular feature at the Meyersdale Area Elementary School.  

“I am so happy the kids liked the cafe,” Kucenic explained “My real goal was to promote and encourage reading!”