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Fifth grade earns Donut Station

Students in the Meyersdale Elementary and Middle Schools participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. Students are given an individual goals based on their age and ability.  Students read a book of their choice and then take a short quiz on the computer. The student receives immediate feed- back on their results and their teacher has constant access to reports that track their achievement.

Students take their goals very seriously and work hard each nine weeks to not only meet but exceed their goals.

During the second nine weeks, Mrs. Stacy Kucenic began to notice the fifth grade class was doing exceptionally well. 

“When I tracked their progress I realized they were very close to setting a nine-week record and they did! The fifth grade class, with 67 students earned 1,034 points,” she explained. “I was so thrilled with their progress and I began to think of ways to reward their efforts.

Kucenic considered several options and decided to host a Donut Staton in their honor. On January 24, all fifth grade students will be invited to the cafeteria where they will enjoy donuts and a wide variety of toppings. The Donut Bar is being offered through the Nutrition Group, the District’s food services provider. 

Natalie Paul said she is proud to be a member of the first fifth grade class to achieve this goal. “I think it's great that we were able to achieve that goal!  It's amazing that we are the first class to achieve this, and it feels so good.”

“I am very impressed and proud of the 5th grade students,” added Easton Kalp.

Kucenic said she is pleased with the level of commitment and dedication demonstrated by this group of students and is happy to offer them this “sweet treat” a reward. 

  Meyersdale Area Elementary students were rewarded with a Donut Station on January 24 for their hard work during the second