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2019-2020 FFA Awards

The annual Spring Awards Banquet for the Meyersdale FFA was canceled following the closure of schools due to the CO-VID19 pandemic. 

Doreen Jamison, Agriculture education and environmental science instructor and Meyersdale FFA adviser provided the following list of awards that would have been presented to students for their achievements and outstanding service during the 2019-2020 school year:

The 2019-20 Meyersdale FFA Officer Team included the following students: President – Kyler Murray; Vice President – Abigail Shuck; Second Vice President – Maranda Garlitz; Secretary – Elizabeth Sayler; Treasurer – Lydia Renzi; Reporter – Alexia Laws; Sentinel – Lauren Kretchman; Historian – Lindsey Robertson; Chaplain – Riley Whitfield; Parliamentarian – Cathleen Deal; and  Student Advisor – Jacob Sandy. 

The following Annual Awards were earned by members:

Star Discovery – Alexis Mostoller;

Star Greenhand – Madison Dively;

Star Chapter Farmer – Alexia Laws;

Discovery Degree – Maddie Engle, Eli Miller, Alexis Mostoller, and Addisyn Hetz;

Greenhand Degree – Madison Dively, Samantha Schardt, Hannah Emerick, Emily Beal, Miranda Butler and  Jasmine Lasure;

Chapter Degree – Elizabeth Sayler, Trevor Donaldson, Jozie Booher, Lydia Renzi, Faith Decker, Cathleen Deal, Karaha Snyder and  Alexia Laws;

Keystone Degree – Kyler Murray, Jacob Sandy, Abigail Shuck, Carissa Miller, Lindsey Robertson and  Maranda Garlitz;

Dekalb Award – Kyler Murray; and 

Scholarship Award – Alexis Mostoller, Emily Beal, Jozie Booher, Lauren Kretchman and  Abigail Shuck, Karaha Snyder, Riley Whitfield, Alexia Laws, Carissa Miller, Layken Mostoller, Lydia Renzi, Lakyn Roadman, Lindsey Robertson, Hannah Emerick, Trevor Donaldson, Faith Decker, Jacob Sandy and  Elizabeth Sayler.