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MASD welcomes Officer George

MEYERSDALE - The Meyersdale Area School District recently welcomed a new staff member who is determined to make a positive and lasting impact in students and staff alike.


George Soflak has been hired to serve as the District’s School Police Officer. With over 25 years of experience in law enforcement, Soflak has both the expertise and skills to keep everyone in the District safe, while serving as a role model and mentor to students. 


A Mount Pleasant native, Soflak began his career as an officer for the City of Greensburg, where he served the citizens for 21 years. Prior to coming to MASD, Officer Soflak worked for the Mount Pleasant School District. 


“I really enjoy working with kids and building those relationships. Many times, a kid’s experiences with law enforcement are not always positive, I want to change that and help them to understand I am here to help them,” Soflak explained.


As the District’s School Police Officer, Soflak will have many responsibilities, but his most important charge is the safety of the students. 


 “I believe the most important aspect of my job is to connect with the students. I plan to be a guest in classrooms, and serve as an informal counselor where needed,” he explained. “I am looking forward to meeting all of them and getting to know more about them and build that positive relationship.”


His first weeks have been dedicated to becoming more familiar with the campus and the security needs. He is currently conducting a safety and security assessment and reviewing and implementing procedures. Soflak plans to initiate additional training programs for staff and faculty, as well as presenting and participating in safety programs, including “Safe to Say.” Soflak will also be addressing school truancy issues. Soflak has full police powers on school property. 


“I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and hope I can make a difference in the lives of our students,” he added. 


 Dr. Karlie, MASD Superintendent, said the District is pleased to have Soflak on campus and believes he will make a real and significant asset to our schools. 


Officer Soflak is a retired municipal officer with experience in schools as well. He comes with a background in the ALICE model ( Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). This is a model the District has used in the past,” Karlie added. “We feel his background experience will be a valuable asset to the district. We look forward to working with him to improve upon safety and security plans.”