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Chorus students head in a new musical direction

MEYERSDALE - The music department continues to grow and expand in difficult circumstances and students are enjoying their news “sounds of music.”


Students in the Chorus program in grades eight through 12 now have the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele, guitars and keyboard. 


Under the direction of Labrina Ritchey, the music department has been able to acquire these instruments. After months of not being able to sing, students can now express themselves through music.


“We have not been able to sing or have a traditional chorus experience since last winter. Now, our students can participate in lessons and explore and play an instrument, something many of them have never had the opportunity to enjoy,” Ritchey explained. “The kids have been really excited and the lessons are going well.”


Ritchey said their excitement was immediate and students have embraced the new instruments and the opportunity to play music. Each instrument group participates in 20-minute practice sessions. 


Ritchey said the lessons are a great source of enjoyment for her as well, as she too loves to hear music again from her students.


“This is exciting and I hope we can grow and expand this program for years to come,” she added.