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Civics' classes welcome special guests

MEYERSDALE  - Somerset County Commissioner Gerald Walker and Meyersdale Mayor Michael Brant addressed the sixth grade Civics classes of Mrs. Kristi Sines on April 23. This annual presentation is held in conjunction with Sines’ unit on County and Local government. 


Students are currently studying the role and responsibilities of county and local government in the everyday lives of citizens.


Walker and Brant shared the details of their respective roles with students and described the responsibilities each has in their position. 


Following their presentation, members of the class were given an opportunity to ask the two elected officials with a variety of questions. Infrastructure was among the most commonly asked questions. Students asked the official about bridge and road closures. .


“Our students were blessed with a presentation on local government by Meyersdale Mayor Michael Brant and Somerset County Commissioner Gerald Walker. These gentlemen graciously donated their time to educate our sixth graders on local government and the relevancy of local government in their lives. Mayor Brant and Commissioner Walker provided multiple examples of how the county and borough governments work together to make our local government run efficiently,” Sines explained. 


Both officials said this annual presentation is among their favorite duties, as they enjoy the opportunity to meet with young people and hear their concerns and questions about their communities.


“In a challenging pandemic year, the students benefit greatly from the presentation seeing the government come to life with real-life situations. The presentation was so important to our students because the students could see how smoothly government can run when the levels of government work together. Students were also able to see the material they learn in their textbooks come to life through real scenarios and how applicable this is to their lives, even as sixth graders,” Sines added.