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Mayor visits 3rd Grade

3rd Grade visitMEYERSDALE - Third grade students at Meyersdale Area Elementary School welcomed Meyersdale Mayor Michael Brant on April 23. Brant shared information on local government and answered insightful questions from the students. Mrs. Amy McKenzie used this experience to help her Social Studies students more fully understand how government operates.


The major focus in the Third Grade Social Studies curriculum is community. Students learn how people live, work, and play in a community. An important aspect of all three of those is how people get along with each other. We need leaders in communities, just like we need leaders in our schools to reinforce laws and rules so that we all can get along,” McKenzie explained.

Students asked a wide range of questions. Questions posed to Brant included:  Do you make a lot of money being the mayor; Do you tell our town's police officers what to do; How long have you been the Mayor of Meyersdale; Why did you want to run for Mayor; and Do you enjoy being our Mayor? 


One especially thoughtful question was about the local impact of Coronavirus -  How do you feel about Meyersdale holding the Maple Festival this year with the Coronavirus still being a major concern?


Brant said visiting with students is among his favorite activities in his role as Mayor. Brant said meeting and speaking with students about their concerns and questions is rewarding both in his role as Mayor and a MAHS graduate.


“It is very important for our students to have the opportunity to meet and visit with our town's mayor, a leader in our community. They get the chance to learn more about the mayor's job and its challenges, as well as, its rewards,” added Mckenzie.

3rd Grade visit