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Ag Classes partner with local gardening club

Maple City Garden ClubMEYERSDALE - The streets of Meyersdale are just a bit lovelier thanks to a special partnership. The Maple City Garden Club partnered with the Meyersdale Area School District to bring blooms and color to our community. 


Members of the staff and faculty at MASD have been assisting the local club with caring for their planters for several summers and soon a partnership began to bloom when the suggestion was made to ask the agriculture classes to grow the plants in the district’s greenhouse. 


Mrs. Doreen Jamison, Agriculture Education, Environmental Science teacher and FFA Advisor, said her students enthusiastically embraced this project and began work on the request in early 2021. 


“We grew petunias and calibrachoa, also known as Million Bells. We planted 510 plugs.  All the ag classes helped with this project,” Jamison explained.  “The students learned proper planting skills and how to care for the plants in order to have a healthy plant.They helped care for them by fertilizing and cutting back the plants to promote more vertical growth and make the plants look fuller,” Jamison explained. “The students were excited to see their plants grow and now to see them throughout their community.”


Members of the Maple City Garden Club were thrilled with their efforts and proud to see their hard work now on display along the streets of Meyersdale. 


“They did a wonderful job. We will have them do the project again next year,” explained Helen Miller, club Treasurer. “We had hoped to have them help plant them but testing was pushed back and they couldn’t attend.”


The Maple City Garden Club welcomes new members. The organization meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the community center at 9:30 a.m. The club also serves at the local Farmers Market and the Relay for Life.