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Local officials visit Middle School

MEYERSDALE - President John Adams once said “You will ever remember that at the end of study is to make you a useful citizen.” Believing the importance of fostering those ideals and providing real experience with government, at all levels, is central to the efforts of Mrs. Kristi Sines’ sixth grade civics classes. To demonstrate the links between citizens and their elected officials, Sines welcomed local elected officials to meet with her students on December 17. 


The panel of officials included PA State Senator Pat Stefano; Thursa Crouse, representing State Representative Matthrew Dowling; Somerset County Commissioner Gerald Walker; and Meyersdale Borough Mayor Michael Brant.


Throughout the school year, these students have been learning about the role the government plays in the lives of its citizens. Leading up to the panel’s visit, Sines helped students prepare a series of thought-provoking questions to get to know each representative and discover a better understanding of their respective roles. 


The panel explained their specific roles and reposnsilibitlies and then related how each level works with each other to effect change and address the issues, concerns and requests of the public. 


“Having state and local government officials graciously offer their time to speak to our students about their roles in local and government is a great way for students to see the relevance of government in their lives. The sixth grade students were able to see how the information that they learn about in their textbook comes to life and is played out in the real government arena,” she explained. “Our students benefited from being able to see first hand how the state, local and federal government levels work together to make the wheels of government move and to help people in their daily lives. Seeing government leaders first hand with real life scenarios helps students to understand the importance of being good citizens and active participants in their government.”