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Critter Club welcomes guests

The Middle School Critter Club welcomed three special guests on May 6. Staff member Yolonda Miller and Todd Murray brought in the members of their canine family - Hadley, a Doberman; Khlaeesi, a French Bulldog; and Piper, a Rottweiler. Critter Club is designed for students who share a love or interest in animals. During club meetings, students are introduced to various types and breeds of animals. Guests bring pets to the meetings to teach the students the basics of responsible pet care, humane treatment of animals, animal safety and, most importantly, compassion and empathy for other living things. Students also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences about their pets, or animals that they have come in contact with. Critter Club also brings awareness to the students about humane societies and different organizations that provide services and care to animals that do not have a home. Mrs. Tammy Edwards organized this group and serves as the Advisor.